Sentence Definition and  kinds or Types of sentences with examples and structure of sentence in English

Sentence Definition and  kinds or Types of sentences.                           

Sentence Meaning in English:-      

               Communication is made up of one more unit of yours, each unit generates a whole alert according to the pattern, such a unit is called a sentence.

Sentence Definition:- 

       A Group of words that express a complete idea is called Sentence

kinds or Types of sentences with examples in English

There are four types of sentence

1) Asserative or Declarative Sentence

Definition or Meaning :- 

          An asserative sentence makes statement or  declares something

Structure :- 

This sentence starts with the word taken in the subject in the noun or pronoun and then ends with the object of the sentence. This sentence is in both positive and negative form.

Asserative or Declarative Sentence Formula :-

1) subject + verb + object
2) subject + helping verb + object
3) subject + helping verb + verb + object

Asserative or Declarative sentence Example :-

1) I do not like coffee
2) It was a different ball Game
3) I switched on my PC

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2) Imperative or Commands Sentence :-

Definition or Meaning :- 

           An imperative sentence Express of common a request ,  an advise , an order or a wish

Structure :- 

        This sentence  does not have a subject, so the sentence would have been made with the first form of the verb don't or at the beginning of both sentences.

Imperative or Commands Sentence Formula :-

1) Verb 1 + Object
2) Don't   +  Verb 1 + Object
3) Please + Don't   +  Verb 1 + Object

Imperative or Commands Sentence Example :-

1) Save the trees
2) Don't cuts the trees
3) Plant more trees
4) Please show me your book

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3) Interrogative or Questions Sentence

Definition or Meaning :- 

           An interrogative sentences acts only question and ends with a question mark (?)

Structure :-           

              Only  questions are asked from these sentences and a question mark is given at the end of each question

Interrogative or Questions Sentence Formula:-

1) Wh + H.V. + S + V + O + ?
2) Wh + adj +noun+H.V. + S + V + O + ?
3) H.V + S + V + O

Interrogative or Questions Sentence Example:-

1) Isn't you hand writing very beautiful ?
2) Can you help me ?

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4) Exclamation or Exclamatory Sentence

Definition / Meaning :- 

          An sentence that expresses some strong and sudden feeling is called Exclamatory Sentence

Exclamation or exclamatory Sentence Formula:-

1) What+a/an+adj+noun + s + v + o + !
2) What+a/an+ adj + nouns + !
3) How +a/an+adj+noun + s + v + o + !
4) How +a/an+ adj+Noun + !

 Exclamation or Exclamatory Sentence Example:-

1) What a great teacher he was in the school !
2) what a good stroke !
3) What a common disease Anaemia !
4) What a wonderful creatures snakes are !

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Each of the above sentences is used for different reasons, so each sentence begins and ends with a different word


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