Imperative sentence 10 examples

Imperative sentence definition:

   An Sentence which express a common , a request , an advice , order or a wish is called as Imperative sentence

Imperative sentence 10 examples :- 

  1. Try to become selfless. 
  2. Work for the belly but keep close to God.
  3. Don't forget our culture.
  4. Don't forget your duty.
  5.  Don't be rude to your.
  6.   Don't disturb me. 
  7. Don't let them get infected.
  8. Don't criticize anyone.
  9. Please give me a pen and I will give my book for exam.
  10. Please let me say Imperative sentence 5 examples.
This are the Imperative sentence 10 examples which is useful for Learn English Grammar .

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