Assertive Sentence with examples and worksheets in English

Assertive Sentence is a First Type of the sentence . It is also called as a declarative sentence and statement sentence. 

Assertive Sentence-Meaning-Definition with examples

Assertive Sentence with examples

Assertive sentence Meaning :-

     An Asserative sentence makes statement or declared something.this also declarative sentence meaning 

Assertive sentence Definition :-

    An sentence that declares or emphasizes a sentence, emotion, opinion, event, event, history or anything is called a Asserative sentence.this is also declarative sentence definition.

Assertive sentence structure :- 

1) The phrase asserative is used only to make statements, to answer questions or to provide information about an event. 

2) This sentence is started with the word occurring in the subject in noun or pronoun, then the object is taken and a full stop is given at the end of the sentence (declarative sentence structure )

3) This sentence can be both affirmative and negative

4) This sentence is either active voice or passive voice.  So this study is about the main structure of this sentence

Asserative  Sentence Formula :- 

1) subject + verb + object
2) subject + helping verb + object
3) subject + helping verb + verb + object

 Types of Declarative sentence :- 

1) Affirmative Sentence

2) Negative Sentence

1) Affirmative Sentence :-

            A sentence which have not use negative words like : no , not , never etc called as Affirmative Sentence
Example :- I eat a mango

2) Negative Sentence :-

         A sentence which have use no, not, never, neither-nor, nothing, etc called as Negative Sentence
Example :-
 1) He has no money
 2) This is not  declarative  sentence Types

  •  I love you Mum and Dad. 
  •  She forgot her grief.
  •  He lived only on fruits.
  •  It was a right thing to do
  •  Her tongue is rough. 
  •  Meera is a good cook.
  •  I like mangoes. 
  •  My mother had long hair.
  •  Oh honey ! I am happy. 
  •  The lift came down. 
  •  He was willing to take me 
  •  He urged them to open the windows of  knowledge 
  •  Bhaurao refused to tell lies. 
  •  The sports hero is different because he performs best
  •  I am sure he will feel good
  • He has no money.
  • They are not rich. 
  • I am never late to school.
  • I have nothing more to give you
  • I eat a mango
  • I will read only 30 example of Asserative sentence or 30 example of  declarative sentence
  • I have written love letter
  • Everyone is going to Mumbai
  • Ram is playing cricket 
  • Krishna has learn 10 example of Asserative sentence 
  • It has no formula. 
  • He urged teachers not to stifle creativity. H
  • could not spare time for teaching them.  
  • Bhaurao did not agree to discriminate between people on the basis of casteI
  • This is not right to treat heroes as gods
  • There were no stories about such achievers.
  • I have no doubt that he will feel good. 
  • They didn't allow us to search for the ball.  Father did not like the word 'circus'.
  • She could not pull Kala up.
  • E-mail is not difficult to use 

This are the 30 example of declarative sentence which is useful for competitive exam and learn English speaking 

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